Why Choose NUE Properties?

  • We provide the best housing and ensure customer satisfaction and have a customized approach.
  • We have seasoned real estate agents to assist you every step of the way
  • We provide a wide range of services that help clients to choose what they need in a house.

Who are NUE Properties?

NUE Properties is a real estate agency based in the United Kingdom. We at NUE properties focus on flipping houses and bringing them to the real estate market. Our experts have a vast, thorough knowledge and experience in the real estate market and flipping houses, and can assure you to get the best houses at the best prices. We also assist customers to buy and sell their property on a commission basis. Whether you are looking for a better small place to start a family or a large one, we are just one call away.

Guidance for Flipping Houses

Fixer-uppers aren’t the first choices of everyone because of its condition. NUE Properties invest in fixer-uppers and converts them into beautiful homes to live in. We ensure that our customers get what they need in best prices! We would like to educate you about buying a flipped house and what to look for:

Being Skeptical:

Some of the flipped houses, though are trendy and remade, still have some repairs or changes that needs to be made for you to live in the house in the long run. Ensure that you check through the property thoroughly before making a decision.

Make a checklist:

Before viewing the property, ensure that you have a checklist ready based on what you expect from the house and what changes you would want in the house. Doing this can help you spot any bogus workmanship and find the right house. Also make sure what quality utilities, doors, window were installed and compare.

Verification of the contractor:

When buying or looking into a flipped house, make sure that the contractor you are negotiating with has a license and is reputed for selling houses. An un-ethical contractor may land you with houses which requires much more repairs than it looks and will also cost you a fortune.


Before buying the property, ensure that the property has accurate and proper documents to avoid any legal mishaps. Check websites on which the property is listed and also look for any outstanding payments or fees that the property has. Checking this will help you understand which property you need to buy.

Find a home inspector:

It’s always better to have a home inspector with you when viewing a property as home inspectors can spot the shoddy work or any repairs such as plumbing, wiring, drywall, etc. They would be able to find the signs that show the bad conditioning of the house better than an average person.

However, we at NUE properties provides service of all of the above to make sure that you have a well flipped and serviced house. We have experts inspecting houses, cross verifying property related documents and permits, and seasoned contractors to help you find the house suitable for your needs.

Escape the ordinary. Discover the world’s greatest properties before anyone else.


When we started NUE, we were aware that the real estate industry needed more than just another big-box estate agency—it needed something fresh, exciting, and energising. We offer a wealth of experience from some of London’s largest real estate firms, along with a healthy dose of initiative, passion, and on-the-ground expertise, to establish enduring bonds with our lettings clients who come back to us repeatedly. Get away from the norm. Find the best properties in cities before anybody else.


To Buy

With a team that includes some of the most qualified individuals in the industry, we not only bring a progressive approach to sales, lettings, development, and management—we also make it hassle-free—but also have relationships within the Prime Central London and other nicest cities real estate markets. We eschew antiquated regulations and pushy sales techniques. We are able to provide you with the most precise and straightforward advice available since we are a part of the local community.


Our Mission to Find House

-Real homes, Real deals, Real fast-

Being out best property developers NUE always try to being out best for our customers, our target is to get affordable price range modern and new house to required customers.

We ensure proper timeline in bringing out best deal each time with proper verifications and exact valuation report. Where each customer can easily get know the running process and property requirement documents correctly.

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